When I was nine years old, I begged my parents to let me go away for three weeks of the summer to attend an all-girls camp called Alford Lake Camp. At the oh so mature age of nine, the appeal of camp was simple: fun in the sun, on a lake, with tons of new […]

A well thought out and properly implemented theatre-based extra curricular activity can be beneficial to students. The advantages are not only artistic and social, but they are also academic. Students’ success in theatre can transfer into the classroom, as skills learned in theatre can be helpful and productive in a scholastic setting. When theatre clearly […]

Traditionally, emotion and reason are seen as polar opposites of each other. Emotionality is relegated to the realm of touchy feely love poems and diary entries, while rationality is the solid stuff of science and smart business investments. Common sense tells us emotion should be suspended when making rational decisions, that passion clouds judgment. To […]

As a varsity diver in college, I have often been asked about the subjective nature of scoring in the sport, and whether this has a large influence over who wins and loses in a diving meet. Generally, I respond by saying that there is usually an observable consistency between judges scoring each dive. The crowd […]

Students frequently battle issues of motivation and procrastination when it comes to schoolwork. Schoolchildren report that they have no impetus to get them to care about their assignments or in-class participation. While “getting good grades” is the reward for hard work, it is often not reason enough to keep kids engaged and truly learning. What […]

Keeping students engaged and participating in class is one of the biggest challenges facing classroom teachers today. A classroom full of glazed-over eyes is not the way into the minds of eager, curious pupils. I argue that students are likely to be far more receptive, in the classroom, if the arts are integrated into the […]

Throughout my own experience in public school, I have found that lately our education system has been largely ignorant of a child’s need to incorporate kinesthetic learning into their daily educational experience. Theater, especially when offered as an optional after-school program, not only filters out those who are uninterested or forced into the “class,” but […]


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